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As the ladies of COW know, I have a new found love for all things PROSSECO. So, since the French 75 has been done, I scoured the internets for a “Martha” friendly champagne cocktail and discovered the Ginger Sparkler. After getting trashed at Christmas on the Ginger Fizz, I knew this would be delic!


  1. 4 tbs. Grated Fresh Ginger (peeled)
  2. 1 cup Sugar
  3. 1 cup Water
  4. Vodka or Gin
  5. 1 Bottle (750ml) Dry Sparkling Wine (chilled)

Make ginger simple syrup*. In an tall 8 oz. glass combine 1oz. ginger simple syrup with 1 – 1.5 oz. Vodka/Gin. Fill the rest of the glass with Sparkling wine. Drink. Repeat.

NB–> In summer months, ice cubes are necessary.

*Ginger Simple Syrup
Heat  water and sugar over the stove until the mixture boils. Remove from heat and add grated ginger. Let this stand for 0.5 to 1 hour. Sieve out the grated ginger and chill until its drinking time!


After a drunkin’ debaucheous night with my family and the Canucks I made it my destiny to host a “BUILD YOUR OWN CAESAR” night.

Required Ingredients:

  1. 6 oz. Clamato Juice
  2. 1 -1.5 oz. Vodka**
  3. Celery Salt
  4. Worcestershire Sauce
  5. Freshly Ground Pepper
  6. Lime Wedge
  7. Celery Stalk

“Build Your Own” Ingredients:

  • Hot Sauce (we used tabasco)
  • Horse Raddish
  • 1 oz. Port (we tried red wine)
  • Prawns
  • Pepperoni Sticks
  • Pickled Beans
  • Pickles
  • Pepperoncini
  • Jalapeno Havarti Cheese
  • Black Olives

Rim a tall highball glass with celery salt. Mix the vodka, Worcestershire sauce, & black pepper over ice. Fill glass with Clamato juice and add lime & celery stalk.

Go buck wild with the “Build Your Own” ingredients and voila! EPIC Caesar.

NB–> The Port/Red wine was gross.

** Tequila and Gin work well too

Yet another cheap drink that I made for COW – is there a theme here? Sangria is one of my favourite drinks because you feel healthy snacking on boozy fruit as you drink it!

This one is super simple, and super yummy. The hardest thing to do is cut up some fruit to add to your jug of deliciousness.


  1. One bottle of cheap red wine – the cheaper the better!
  2. One litre of Fresca (yes, that’s right.. the pop Fresca)
  3. Cut up fruit like oranges, apples, nectarines, grapes etc


Mix ingredients together, leave in the fridge for a couple of hours and then serve over ice – and voilla! You’re done! All your friends will think you are super fancy sangria maker – just hide the bottle of fresca when they come over!

I love this recipe so much I even served it at my wedding 🙂


A delicious drink that is both easy to make and cheap! Two very important factors for a successful COW night. One of my very good friends introduced me to this drink at the lake one summer and it has been a staple ever since.

Be careful though – this drink is more dangerous than it looks! (just like a pink panther!)


  1. Half a can of frozen pink lemonade
  2. Half a can of vodka
  3. Three cans of cheap beer

Stir it all up in a big jug and serve over ice. Throw it in a couple of mason jars and add some rasberries if you want to pretend you’re fancy.

Note: I don’t have a picture of our actual COW night for this drink so I stole this image from the interweb. Mine looked just as delicious though.Image


Test test. Michelle’s cocktail.